Brighton & Hove Green Spaces Forum (BHGSF) is a volunteer organisation set up as an independent voice for community groups working in parks and the open spaces sector in Brighton & Hove.

Membership is open to all community groups with an interest in any type of green space within the city and is free to join.

Email here to register your interest and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Coming together as one community  helps improve communication between those involved in caring for our parks and open spaces. Working in isolation will be reduced which is a vital ingredient for any community striving to be sustainable,

Joining Brighton & Hove Green Spaces Forum

  • An ability to share information and help each other solve issues.
  • To facilitate communication between green spaces voluntary groups and other agencies.
  • To be part of a mechanism to help green spaces groups to mutually support one another
  • To provide visibility and access to different funding opportunities that are available
  • To give one voice to community groups working within the green spaces sector whether large or small


Mission Statement:-

“We seek to support volunteer groups working the green spaces sector to exchange information, advice and knowledge.

Communicating and working in partnership with similar groups and organisations to promote environmental improvement and conservation by encouraging and assisting in environmental practice.”


The purpose of this website is primarily to facilitate communication between member groups.

Moulsecoomb Forest Garden