Here is a simple guide to getting new user started on our Forum, if you are experiencing any problems please get in touch.

New Users

You will need to register here before you can post and comment in the various topics and discussions. Once you have registered you will receive and confirmation email, you must click the link in the confirmation email before you can use the forum, then login with your email and password using the box in the sidebar.

Lost password

If you forget your password, please click here to reset it.

Forum Structure
The Forum is made up of a number of different topics, created by Admins and users. Each topic can be commented on. All users are able to comment and create Topics.

How to comment

1. On Forum page click of BHGSF Forum
2. Click on the Topic you wish to comment on
3. Scroll to end of Topic to comment box, add comment to box
4. Tick ‘Notify by email’ box if you wish to be emailed when follow up comments are posted
5. Click submit

Users are able to edit or delete their own comments

How to create a topic
A topic allows other users to comment and share information on a subject or question. Before creating a new topic, please check that the subject you wish to discuss doesn’t already have a topic, this will help prevent multiple threads on similar subjects.
1. On Forum page click of BHGSF Forum
2. Scroll to end of page, to Topic box, add your Topic, using a descriptive title
3. Topics can include links and emails etc
4. Topic tags – users can add one or two relevant topic tags to help find topics in search
5. Tick ‘Notify by email’ box if you wish to be emailed when follow up comments are posted
6. Click submit

Users are able to edit their own Topics, website admins will be notified when a new Topic is created.

House rules and acceptable behaviour
We wish to create a friendly, helpful and informative forum, all users will be expected to abide by the house rules. Failure to comply may result in a user being excluded from the Forum.

1. Unacceptable behaviour in the forum includes personnel attacks, inappropriate language and misrepresentation
2. Remember that everything you post is a public comment, so be careful about how much personal information you give away
3. Do not advertise products or services
4. Do not spam and keep comments relevant to the topic being discussed
5. Avoid using all capital letters. IT LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE SHOUTING! Plus it’s difficult to read. Use it only to emphasize the odd word
6. Respect other users of the forum, even if you may have differing opinions